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Step 6: Donate or Pickup Unsold Items

Donate your unsold items

You have the option to choose whether you would like an individual unsold item to be donated to a local charity or to have it back.  You will make this decision when you input your items online and print your tags.

If you do not want to pick up your items they will be donated and your check will be mailed to you.  Please make sure you give us a self addressed and stamped envelope, at drop offs.  


How to Donate

We encourage you to donate your unsold items; there are many local women and children that would greatly benefit from your donation. Please click on the link below to learn more about the organization in need of your unsold items. They will be picking up your donated items at the close of the event.

You will want to print your donation report within a few days of the event closing.  You will go to the log into MSM and print your report from the drop down menu.  Here is the letter that you will want to use for your taxes as well.

The Charities that we work with

Christian Outreach In Action

get all our bedding and blankets

Pick-Up your unsold items:

You will need to pick up your unsold items, that you do not want to donate. on

Sunday March 10th 9am-12pm

You will be picking up though the back where you dropped off.  Park in the lot.  Do not park in the loading dock, red or yellow zones.  Check in to get your name tag with your seller number on it.  

Please give yourself plenty of time to gather your items.  You will be looking for your items on the floor. Unsold items not picked up by 12:01 pm will become property of Urban Kids Consignment and donated to the charity of our choice. You will need to make arrangements ahead of time for someone else to pick-up your items for you if you are unable. If someone else is going to pick up your items, they MUST have a note in hand with your consignor number and signature.

Dollar Dash information: 


After Pickups, 1pm -2pm we host a Dollar Dash (DD). Because we have an abundance of items that our donation sites do not need, nor can they pick up in one trip.  So, we sell items and give the money to a non profit organization.   Dollar Dash is just for the Consignors from the current event. 

Rules and Procedures:

  1. You and only you, the consignor, can pick up a dollar dash item. You may not have your children, or family member or friend grab an item. This rule is a sold one.

  2. Everything under 19.99 is sold for $1.00 for charity!!! 20-29.99 is 2.00, 30.00 to 39.99 is 3.00 and so on.

  3. All DD money is donated. Only registered consignors who dropped off items at the current event are invited to our dollar dash. You may not bring a friend! This will be a hard fast rule.

  4. CASH or VENMO.  Please, bring small bills, please. We will not have change. All "change" will be donated.

  5. Bring your own bags.  

This is a benefit for the consignors, Urban Kids, and our charities. I believe the benefit for you is obvious. For Urban Kids, it's less stuff to pack up. And the charities would love to have the money vs all the stuff.

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