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Shop Urban Kids

Why Shop Urban Kids?

35,000+ items from 350 sellers under 16,000 sq. ft. space.

Gently used and new items for 50-90% off retail!

We accept Cash, Apple Pay, and Credit Cards with a $3.00 fee per transaction. 

Come back on 50% off Saturday!


Next Event is
June 25th-29th 


2062 Westminster Mall

Seller PreSale Tues - June 25th

​Sellers will recieve their Seller PreSale ticket by email Monday night.  The ticket is good for two adults 

  • 4:00pm Consignors with 3 Team work shifts

  • 4:15pm Consignors with 2 Team work shifts

  • 4:30pm Consignors with 1 Team work shift

  • 4:45pm Consignors with 0 Team work shifts

  • 5:00 Shop with the Sellers $40.00 for two adults 

Public  PreSale Wed - June 25th

  • 11:00am entry: $25.00 for two adults 

  • 12:00pm entry:  $20.00 for two adults 

  • 1:00pm entry: $15.00 for two adults

  • 2:00pm entry: $12.00 for two adults

  • 3:00pm entry: $10.00 for two adults

  • 4:00pm entry: $8.00 for two adults

  • 5:00pm entry: $6.00 for two adults

We are open till 7pm.  The times are just entry times if you are running late that is fine.  Just come before 7pm.  Children do not need a ticket, but they must be with an adult at all times.  All ticket holders are invited to come and shop the PreSale 50% off sale, Saturday June 29th at 10:30 am. 

We will only allow small compact/ single umbrella strollers during our PreSale days (Tuesday and Wednesday).  NO large strollers or wagons permitted during our PreSales.  We also can not allow large bags including diaper bags.   Bags must be smaller than 8x11. 

Free Admission Days - June 27th-29th

  • Thursday: 11:00am - 7:00pm

  • Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm

  • ​Saturday: 11:00am- 7:00pm
    • 50% off Sale!: Where you will find most items marked 50% off


  • We have inspected each item to the best of our abilities… But please keep in mind that with 30,000 items that a few can get missed.  Please inspect your items before purchasing as ALL SALES ARE FINIAL!

  • We have made EVERY effort to ensure that there are no recalled items at our events, however I encourage you to check for recalled items.

  • Leave your large bags, purses, and diaper bags in the car. Bags must be smaller than 8" x11"

  • We only allow small compact/single umbrella strollers on our PreSale Days (Tuesday and Wednesday).

  • We will be looking in your strollers and bags as you leave the store. We do this, per our consignor agreement. Urban Kids will take every reasonable measure to keep consignors’ items safe.

  • When shopping be sure to check a size up and down. Each brand can run a little big or small. Shopping ahead for the next season is a great idea too. With amazing deals you can never have too much!

  • Bring a list, measure tape, and outline of your children’s foot. I also like to have a list of what I do not need.

  • IF YOU CAN, please leave the little ones at home, especially on Tuesday evening, Wednesday all day and Saturday as these are our busiest times.

  • Please remember all of the toys and books for sale belong to families, just like you. Do not allow children to play with the consigned items or damage them. Chances are those items might just belong to a friend of yours!

  • It is so tempting for children…..But please do not allow children to swing on the racks or play in between them. These racks are holding hundreds of pounds of clothing.


Please be aware...


Please carefully inspect each item you plan to purchase! We can help you open packages…. Just ask one of our representatives.

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