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Step 2: Gather Your Items

Please read carefully. I do not want you to waste your time preparing items that we can not accept!


Returning Sellers: Make sure you reactive the invenory from the past.  But if you make any changes to the tag you must reprint. 

You must check your items for recalls at CPSC.

Consignors are required to put together and set up any large items.

Deadline for Inventory entry in our online system is Sunday, October 8th at 5am. 

As a consignor you must consign at least 30 items and no more than 500. If you have less than 30 and they are all big items, contact me and let’s work it out.

Supply List

Please order these items 3 weeks prior to the deadline

  • Plain White card stock (for your tags) no other colors and not laminated 

  • Our Price Guide 

  • Hangers (preferably wire hangers)  Email me as I am usually selling the wire hangers

  • Ziploc Bags (size depends on the size of your loose items)

  • Packing Tape (do not use over barcodes)

  • Painters Tape (used for books, games, wooden/painted items)

  • Zip Ties (used for shoes) 

  • Tagging Gun (highly recommend) and/or Safety pins (used for clothing)

  • Something to mark each hanger (i.e. washi tape, ribbon, ziptie) to make it easier for you to pick up. 

We gladly accept the following:

These are the categories on MSM consignor inventory entry.  IF you have an item that is not listed in the accepted list. Please contact me so we can discuss if we can take it and what category.



  • Shoppers love it when you include the matching tights, hat, and/or bow to make a clothing item an outfit. When you match it to make an outfit it is NOT included in the Accessory limit.

  • Hats, belts, socks, hair accessories, sunglasses, etc.

  • Backpacks nor lunch boxes are not included in this limit but are in the accessories category 

  • LIMITS: 5 items 


  • Bassinets, highchairs, strollers, car seats, swings, pack n plays, exersaucers, walkers, jumpers, gates, play yards, carriers, hiking carriers, diaper bags, Bumbos, Doc a Tots, bathtubs, play mats, shopping cart, highchair covers, cloth diapers, diaper pails, potty seats, feeding, breast pumps, scales, monitors, bathing and safety items, bottles and sippy cups.

  • We will only take linens new in the package. We will take gently used nursing covers, pack n play sheets and sleeping bags.  We will take muslin receiving blankets hanging. 

  • Potty seats and Diaper Pails must be disinfected. We will also ask you to wipe them at drop offs.

  • Gear with batteries must have working batteries installed.

  • Must be assembled unless new in a unopened box.

  • LIMITS:​ none​


  • Please do not make a bundle unless it is a series.  A bundle is not counted as one.  The number of books is still counted towards the limit.  

  • Use painters tape when taping the tag to the book, covering the barcode of the book on the back. 

  • No books in bags please.  Use string to bundle your series.  

  • No Pregnancy/Parenting Books


  • Girl sizes: preemie to 14

  • Boy sizes: preemie to 14

  • All clothing must be on hangers. Clothing in bags will not be accepted

  • Clothing must be in style and in excellent condition.

  • All clothes must be free from stains, rips, tears, and holes.

  • LIMITS: Total limit is 100 clothing items per consignor. Within the total 100 limit, there is a limit of 20 items per gender of infant clothing. Infant clothing is any size Preemie to 12 months. There is also a limit of 20 items per gender of size teens 12 and 14.  An outfit is counted as one item, as long as it is on one hanger. If it is on two hangers it will be counted as two items. The outfits must be the same brand and size. Dress up, costumes, and sleep sacks are included in these limits. 


  • Do not use this category.  It is for during the staff to use at the event.  If you use this category you may not accept your item. 


  • Cribs (must be assembled unless new in box), toddler beds, twin beds, headboards, dressers, desks, changing tables, small table and chair sets, children rocking chairs, gliders, children’s bookcases, toy boxes and organizers, etc.

  • No decor. But organizers are accepted and are a big seller. 

  • LIMITS: none

Outdoor Equipment

  • Play houses, climbers, see saws,  slides, trampolines, Cozy Coops, electric ride ons, ride ons, wagons, bikes, bike trailers, child bike seats, tricycles, skates, scooters, Razors, skateboards, basketball sets,  water/sand tables, picnic tables, surfboards and boogie boards, snorkel equipment wet suits, life jackets, pool floats, ski and snowboard equipment, sleds, sleeping bags, etc.

  • LIMITS: none

Puzzle/Games/Art Supplies

  • floor, wooden, cardboar puzzles, all games

  • Art supplies must be new unless they are big like a lamination machine

  •  learning tools, educational materials, steam toys are a huge hit at Urban Kids

  •  LIMITS:  none


  • Girls sizes: premie to kid size 8

  • Boys sizes: premie to kid size 10

  • Shoes must be in excellent condition

  • No shoes that look like they are for women(heals)

  • No shoes in bags - must be zip tied

  • LIMITS: 20 shoes


  • Big and Small Toys.  Infant, Toddler, Youth and Teens.  Legos, action figures, Cars, Trucks, Dolls, Barbies, Little people, Lovevery, Disney, American Dolls, Legos, ride-ons, kitchen sets, play tool benches, easels, train tables, hockey tables

  • Toys with batteries MUST have working batteries installed.


    • Stuff animals limited to 5 and must be a well know character or has batteries

    • infant toys (such as rattles) limited to 5

    • No other limits for other toys

This is NOT a complete list. If you have any questions about an item

please email

Items We Do Not Accept

  • Older tags from 2020.  All inventory must have tags from at least February 2022

  • Recalled toys or equipment. You must check CPSC for recalls

  • Clothing with excessive wear, stains, holes, or missing buttons

  • Clothing from Walmart or Kmart

  • Women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, purses

  • Maternity Wear (nursing bras are ok)

  • Body Pillows

  • Decor (unless an organzier)

  • Linens (unless new in the package)

  • Clothing or shoes in bags

  • Children’s metal jewelry

  • Used underwear, or socks

  • Toys with missing batteries or parts

  • Random grab bags or miscellaneous items

  • Stuffed animals unless it is a famous character or has batteries (limit 3 per seller)

  • Used Party Supplies (email for exceptions such as large photo props)

  • Used Craft supplies (email for exceptions such as a laminator)

  • Pregnancy/Parenting Books

  • CDs

  • DVDs 

  • VHS Tapes

  • Car Seats/Booster Seats that are older than four (4) years or expire

  • Used pacifiers or teethers

  • Used bath toys with holes

  • Bath seats manufactured before 10/2017

  • Formula or baby food

  • Cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011


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