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Step 5: Drop Off

You must schedule a drop off appointment online using MSM

Please schedule a drop off appointment and grab a team work shift(s) as soon as you register. This determines where I need extra help. You can always change it before the deadline.  Do not schedule your drop off the same time as your work shift. Your drop off appointment should be at least 1 hour before your work shift or after your shift.  


Drop Off Location

Drop offs are in the back of the store


Your PreSale Passes

On Monday evening you will be emailed a PreSale ticket. This ticket is good for both PreSales.(Tues night and Fri 11:30 for 1/2 off sale) 

3 shifts = 5pm

2 shifts = 5:15pm

1 shift  = 5:30pm

0 shifts = 5:45pm

Drop Off Dates

Regular ​

  • Sunday, October 8th 9am – 5pm

  • Monday, October 9th 9am – 2pm


  • Wednesday 11th 9am - 1am (Back door)

  • Wednesday 11th 3pm - 7pm (Front door)

  • Thursday 12th 1pm-7pm (Front door)

    • please note that we have fewer shoppers on Thursday so you will need to price low and discount these items. ​

Important Drop Off Details

Make sure you print this drop off form and have it fill out before you arrive at your drop off appointment time. If you do not bring the form a 1.00 fee will be taken from your check. 

Bring a self addressed stamped envelope if you're not picking up. 

Drop offs are in the back of the building. 

Have all your items clean and ready for drop offs. Drop offs is not the time to clean and tag your items.  Your big items will be the exception to tagging as you need a large claim tag.  


Items that are small enough to fit in a hand but are priced over $50 need to be brought to the inspection team's attention.  Or if the item is over $100 but does not need a large claim tag needs to be brought to the attention of the inspection team.  


All items will be inspected. Make sure you check the list of acceptable items before you prep, tag  and drop off your items. If they do not meet the criteria, they will not be accepted. If an item that does not meet our criteria, yet makes it through the check-in process, it will be pulled from the sales floor before or during the sale. Your item may rejected or pulled from the floor if we feel it is grossly overpriced as well.


Any item that does not make the inspection process may be taken home to be fixed. You may bring it back at a later date/time.

Did you run out of time? Or did you find more items to consign after the deadline? Good news:  After the deadline, a registered consignor is able input items, at home. Then bring it to our current event.  I hear too often that a consignor forgot or found another item to input.  Or better yet, a consignor purchased a new stroller or toy and wants to sell the older one.  Now you can restock our store!

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