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Advertise with Us

Do you have a product or service that you would like families all over Orange, LA County and the Inland Empire to know about?

Advertising with Urban Kids Consignment is an affordable way to get the word out about your company. We offer four different types of sponsorships designed to provide marketing strategies that fit the individual needs of your business. Try one or try them all.


Website Advertising:

$50.00 for six months​

Our website generates ten thousand hits from moms and families in the Orange, LA, and Riverside County area. Your name and logo would appear on a page of our website with a hyperlink to your website.  All advertisements will be added from top to bottom in the order received. For top exposure email right after you pay. (Ads should be 140px X 140px).

Shopping Bag Advertising:

$60.00 for 300 inserts

Do you have a product or business that you would like Orange County and LA County and surrounding counties families to know about? This is an awesome opportunity to get the word out about your company in an affordable way.


  • You need to provide 300 inserts (coupon, flyer, special discounts, brochures, magnets, samples, business cards or other promotional items) and we will distribute them in the shopper’s bags.  Once you have paid, please email

Banner Advertisement:

$40.00 per sale

Hundreds of shoppers will be shopping at an Urban Kids Consignment sales event. Have families view your banner at our next sale to get more exposure for your company. Banners must not be longer than 6 feet. You will need to put them up and take them down.  You may only use Command Brand hooks.

Table Vendor:

1st Option:


Do you want to build your mailing list for further promotions and sales? You will have the opportunity to sell your direct order or catalog items, hand out flyers, coupons, business cards and other relevant advertising material. You should consider having your catalogs, business cards, and even hold a giveaway where shoppers can enter their information to win a prize. You provide your own 6 foot table. You will need to take any valuable items with you when you leave. You may come and go as you please. You would just leave your table and email capture.  Once you have paid please email to sign the agreement. If you are putting a banner up you will also need to pay the extra $40.00 below.

$80.00 per 6 foot table space

2nd Option:


Do you have new or handmade products that you would like to sell? Sign up to be a consignor and price and tag your items with Urban Kids’ tags. You will receive up to 80% of your total sales. You will need to register to be a consignor. This type of vendor is NOT required to work specifically at your display. To earn the higher percentage you will want to sign up volunteer to work.  You must provide your own display. If you are also going to consign your personal items then use a separated consignor number. Please email  to let me know you will be using this option.

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